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The birth of a child is the most anticipated, exciting, and memorable day in the life of expecting parents.

When babies are born injured during labor and delivery, parents need comfort and assistance during this difficult situation.

At Center City injury Lawyer our firm helps parents whose babies suffered birth injuries caused by medical negligence. We consult with experts to uncover what mistakes were made to help us determine how the injury occurred and identify the responsible party.

We represent clients whose babies suffered injuries such as:

• Brain injury due to oxygen deficiency to the fetus
• Anoxic encephalopathy
• Brachial plexus injury
• Uterine rupture
• Shoulder dystocia causing nerve trauma in the neck and back

Some of the most common things that go wrong during delivery include the following:

• Oxygen deprivation during labor and delivery
• Not ordering emergency Cesarean when the child is in fetal distress
• Failure to monitor bilirubin levels after birth
• Misinterpreting pregnancy ultrasounds
• Shoulder dystocia causing nerve trauma in the neck and back
• Improper use of forceps or vacuum extractor
• Umbilical cord complications

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