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Eric Nash, Esq.


Eric Nash, Esq. has long roots in Philadelphia and the greater communities surrounding it. He has been involved in many prestigious and meaningful cases, which have had effects far reaching across the country.

Graduate of Abraham Lincoln High School of Philadelphia (1982), Eric Nash, Esq. has been serving the public in personal injury law since 1989. He received his Bachelor's degree at Pennsylvania State University in 1986. It was there that he began working towards a life long practice of studying law.

After receiving his Bachelor’s degree, Eric went on to attend JD Syracuse University. Graduating law school in 1989, he immediately set out to serve the public. He was a partner in RARZN from 1989-2018. Eric Nash, Esq. specializes in workers compensation, personal injury, domestic relations, SSD, criminal and the general practice of law. He also serves as a member on the Membwe PA Bar and Bucks County Bar.

Building his reputation and business over the past three decades has led to having three offices across eastern PA and southern NJ. If you are seeking a personable and knowledgable personal injury lawyer look no farther than The Law Offices of Eric Nash, Esq.


Wayne Oliver II


Wayne Oliver works as the director of the firm's administration and prepares many aspects of their cases for the law firm. He is often the first contact you will make when attempting to contact the firm. His warm and inviting personality will put you at ease during any troubled times.

Working closely with Eric, Wayne is entrusted with preparing documents, researching specific areas of the law, evaluating cases prior to and during trial, and a variety of other administrative tasks. He also manages the firm's pre-litigation department.

Eric and his staff work diligently to help those who are injured in a wide variety of types of incidents. If you are seeking a personable and knowledgable personal injury lawyer look no farther than The Law Offices of Eric Nash, Esq.

Jeannie Babiak




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